Forklift Training Scarborough

Forklift Training Scarborough

If your premises has heavy equipment such as forklift trucks used by employees on a regular basis, it’s vital that the people that operate them know what they are doing. As you can appreciate, heavy equipment can become dangerous and even deadly if used incorrectly.

It’s important that any heavy equipment operators know how to operate their machinery in a safe and efficient manner. Not only will doing so mean they lower the risk of injury to themselves, but also to colleagues working around them.

Abel Training Services offers professional forklift training in Scarborough and surrounding areas and can help your staff ensure they know how to operate such equipment at your premises.

Why professional forklift training in Scarborough is important

In many respects, operating a forklift truck is different compared with say driving a car. The main difference is knowing how to correctly load pallets onto forklifts and move them from one location to another in a safe manner.

You will no doubt be aware that health and safety in your workplace is crucial. It’s also your responsibility as a business leader to ensure the safe working environment for your employees. When your staff receives forklift training in Scarborough or beyond from Abel Training Services, you can ensure that your business complies with HSE regulations and recommendations.

What’s more, the fact that your staff will have received the right forklift truck training will mean that you can worry less about equipment damage, rising insurance costs, and even legal fees. And let’s not forget the boost to your company’s productivity too!

At Abel Training Services, we have the skills, resources, and expertise to train your employees on the correct ways of operating forklift trucks. We offer fully accredited forklift training for operators and instructors, and it gives your staff the chance to earn a forklift truck operator's certificate.

The advantages of using Abel Training Services for your forklift truck training

While there are many providers of forklift truck training services, there are many distinct advantages of using Abel Training Services for your training needs.

For example, the courses that we provide are all taught by ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register) approved instructors. That means you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your employees are receiving the right training for their needs.

Another reason to use Abel Training Services is the way that we deliver our training courses is flexible. While our offices are based in the Whitby, we can provide training to your employees in a variety of locations across North Yorkshire and even the rest of the United Kingdom!

How to enrol on a forklift training course with Abel Training Services

It’s important to determine your particular needs as each business has unique requirements. For example, some of our clients require training for new starters, while others may need refresher courses for seasoned forklift truck operators.

Contact Abel Training Services today on 07792 300251 or email us to discuss your requirements for forklift training in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and across the UK.