Safety awareness courses Whitby

Safety Awareness Courses Whitby

We all dread the email that we receive every few years from upper management informing us that it is time to do the health and safety training course again. Usually the only upsides are it is a day free of any actual work sat behind a desk drinking tea, helping ourselves to biscuits all day and potentially a free lunch if we are lucky enough. But why are health and safety courses so important? The main reason for health and safety in the work place is to protect the workers, and by extension any visors, guests or associates. It may not feel like it is all about safety if the course merely lists legislation, policies and procedures, without making practical application of what is being learned. So where is the best place to look for a company who can train your staff affectively and keep them interested in promoting the health and safety of your company during safety awareness courses? Whitby – and look no further! Abel Training Services in Whitby that is!
Firstly, do not be put off that they are not a company just around the corner. That doesn’t matter at all. You can book and benefit from their safety awareness courses; Whitby, wider Yorkshire or even anywhere in the UK. They appreciate that it can be expensive covering the costs of travel for a group of staff for safety awareness courses. Whitby may have great fish and chips but pennies still need to be looked after so they are more than willing to come to you. Distance really isn’t an issue.
Thankfully staff will be pleased to know that upper management, yes all of you managers and supervisors, will get a chance to join in the training and benefit from supervisor-oriented safety awareness courses. Whitby company Abel Training Services realise that it is a two sided approach; all of the staff and personnel operating machinery and equipment need to have the correct operator training but the other side of the coin is making sure that all managers and supervisors have taken a safety awareness course so that they are fully prepared to handle any and all situations that may arise. But don’t worry, Abel Training Services like to try and keep things fresh and stimulating for people taking the course so there is no need to dread it like previous safety awareness courses.
Whitby may be well known for its lovely blue flag beaches, Captain Cook, its Victorian jet gemstone industry and its North Yorkshire Moors Railway but Abel Training Services’ growing reputation in delivering high quality training courses designed to meet existing and proposed legislation ran by a professional team of ITSSAR accredited instructors is also putting Whitby on the map.
So don’t waste time searching for ‘safety awareness courses Whitby’ online. Save yourself the trouble and look no further for safety awareness courses, Whitby area and beyond, than Abel Training Services. Contact them to discuss the training needs for your business, get their help and expertise and book courses for your staff. For safety awareness courses, Whitby has the answer!