Safety Awareness Course

Supervisor-oriented safety awareness course

Making sure that all individuals operating machinery and equipment have the proper operator training is only part of what makes a safe workplace. The other piece of the puzzle is making sure that all managers and supervisors have taken a safety awareness course so that they are fully prepared to handle any and all situations that may arise.  

Deep understanding of lifts and operation

The goal of this lift safety course is to make sure that all participants understand the underlying issues that affect operational safety (e.g. stability and instability factors, truck and lift design, etc.).

Every piece of the puzzle is important to workplace safety

Offering a lift safety course to one component of your team without complementing it with training for another is like putting together a puzzle without all of the pieces. Our goal is to help you get the necessary information to all of your employees, so that you can rest easy knowing that your workplace is safe and secure. 

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