Training Scarborough

Training Scarborough

Is your business looking to expand on its health and safety compliance? Do you have new starters that aren’t aware of how to operate heavy machinery such as forklift trucks? If the answer to both questions is yes, you can rely on Abel Training Services!

We offer professionally delivered training in Scarborough and across Yorkshire and much of the UK as a whole. Our training courses enable your staff to earn a lift truck operator’s certificate. We also provide training for safety awareness in the workplace, enabling you to have peace of mind knowing that your employees are carrying out their duties in a safe and efficient manner.

Forklift training in Scarborough

The majority of companies that have warehouses operate forklift trucks to move pallets of stock between various points. It also enables businesses to make efficient use of their storage space, especially when pallets must get stacked onto racking shelves.

While a forklift truck is a relatively straightforward device to operate, it can be a dangerous piece of heavy machinery if used in the wrong hands. To ensure safety in your warehouse and compliance with health and safety laws and recommendations, it is crucial that your employees have proper training before they use a forklift truck.

At Abel Training Services, we have successfully delivered thousands of training courses to businesses in Yorkshire and beyond. Our instructors are ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register) approved, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your staff is getting trained by competent and skilled professionals.

When it comes to forklift training in Scarborough, Abel offers a variety of flexible courses to suit your needs. We can provide one, two, two-three, and three-five day training courses, depending on the depth of training your employees need.

Our previous customers recommend us because we can deliver a bespoke training package tailored to exact requirements. Contact us today to find out more about forklift training in Scarborough and other parts of Yorkshire such as Chesterfield, Middlesbrough, Grimsby, and Sheffield.

Safety awareness training in Scarborough

Aside from forklift truck operation, Abel Training Services also offers a supervisor-oriented safety awareness course. While it makes sense for forklift truck operators to know what they’re doing, other warehouse staff such as their supervisors should also have a deep understanding of how such heavy machinery works and the issues that could affect operational safety.

The safety awareness course delivered by Abel Training Services teaches warehouse supervisors and managers about topics such as:

Stability and instability factors;
Truck and lift design;
Other factors that could affect operational safety.

Both forklift truck operators and their managers share equal responsibility when it comes to warehouse health and safety. With that in mind, all warehouse staff should understand the importance of safe forklift truck operation.

Contact Abel Training Services today for more information about our safety awareness training in Scarborough and across the wider Yorkshire area.

Why use Abel Training Services?

As an established training provider, Abel can deliver high-quality and professional forklift truck and safety awareness training to companies across Scarborough, Yorkshire, and the United Kingdom.

Our qualified and experienced instructors have provided training for a variety of different forklift truck models, and we offer competitive prices thanks to our low overheads. Contact Abel Training Services to learn more about how a training course could benefit your business.