Overhead Crane Training Middlesboroughough

Overhead Crane Training Middlesborough

Overhead crane training is another component of the comprehensive training programs we offer at Able Training Services. We offer courses that are designed to give you or your staff the skills they need to fulfil their roles safely and competently when using work equipment. Moreover, undertaking a specialist training course at Able Training Services can ensure you or your workforce maintain productivity during their operations, expand skill sets and knowledge and are at all times in compliance and working within the legal and legislative framework required when undertaking lifting operations.
What is an overhead crane?
An overhead crane is used to move extremely heavy or bulky loads via an overhead space as opposed to directly through it. An overhead crane is essentially a hoist mounted on a manned trolley with the capability to move loads horizontally. Overhead cranes have high lifting capacities and their travel is directed by an operator. Typical uses of an overhead crane to to move heavy and bulky materials for the purposes of loading, unloading, storage, manufacturing, or building works.

Now that you know a little bit more about the usage you can better understand the importance of the required training. It is easy to see how poorly trained or ill informed operators could pose a substantial risk to the workplace and hamper production and business efforts.
What we offer; overhead crane training in Middlesborough
We understand that operator misuse is one of the leading causes of breakdowns when it comes to safety and downtime. We therefore pride ourselves in our ability to offer versatile, high quality, reputable and efficient training to ensure that safety is paramount and avoid the costs of operational downtime.

We can ensure that you or your staff are fully trained and will provide the working knowledge they need to ensure the effective and safe operations of overhead crane usage. Our overhead crane training in Middlesborough will teach users everything from understanding the basic legal requirements to safe working at heights and crane operator safety.

It is important to note that under the Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, employers must ensure that all of their staff have received the appropriate health and safety training. Failure to do so could have serious repercussions for your business and it’s future.

Moreover our training will be offered by highly experienced individuals who are ITSSAR accredited and delivered to the highest standards. We offer a quality learning program and are proud of our training, teaching and subsequent pass rate.

We offer a flexible approach to the needs of you or your business. Where possible we try to work with businesses to offer training that is suitable for their workforce and their needs. We appreciate your work shift pattern and will always endeavour to work with you.

So if your business operates overhead cranes or you are looking to expand your skill set and improve your CV get in touch with us today so that we can discuss your needs. We can work together to provide you a solution that works for you.