Overhead Crane Training Scarborough

Overhead Crane Training Scarborough

An overhead crane, often known as a “bridge” crane, is typically found in places such as construction sites and industrial factories. With parallel runways and a travelling bridge and hoist that spans the gap, overhead cranes are an essential piece of heavy machinery and enable any construction or heavy goods movement work to get carried out quickly and efficiently.

If your business has or uses overhead cranes, it goes without saying that any employees who operate them should be fully aware of how to use them. Plus, they must also be aware of health and safety rules and regulations in the workplace.

For professional overhead crane training in Scarborough and across Yorkshire, you can rely on Abel Training Services to deliver the right courses for your needs.

How your business can benefit from overhead crane training in Scarborough

According to HSE rules under Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998, employers must ensure all staff has received the right health and safety training for their work.

Because an overhead crane is a heavy machine that could seriously injure people if used incorrectly, it’s vital that both operators and supervisors understand how to operate them. The training courses that Abel Training Services offers will ensure that your staff understands how to use overhead cranes in a safe and correct manner.

What’s more, the courses will also teach participants about the limitations of overhead cranes, and how to deal or react to any emergency situations.

As a business that operates one or more overhead cranes, you want to limit the risk of injury or fatalities at work as much as possible. By providing the right training to your overhead crane operators and their supervisors, you will foster a safer working environment and stay compliant with health and safety laws.

Why use Abel Training Services for overhead crane training in Scarborough?

When you are looking for a training provider, it’s important to seek one out that has the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary to offer professional training. At Abel Training Services, our team of instructors are ITSSAR-accredited and have provided training on a variety of different heavy machines and models in the industry.

While we offer overhead crane training in Scarborough, we can also provide our training services to much of the Yorkshire region. Our training courses are flexible and are tailored to meet your exact needs. What we don’t do is offer a “one size fits all” course to all participants.

Here at Abel Training Services, we like to discuss your specific requirements so that we can provide the best courses possible for your needs. Because each client’s training needs differ, we don’t have any set prices for training on our website.

We offer competitive pricing due to our low overheads so you can be assured that any tailored training solution will provide your company excellent value for money. Contact Abel Training Services today to discuss your needs and find out how we can provide your business overhead crane training in Scarborough.