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Are you looking for safety awareness courses in Chesterfield? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Abel Training offers training that keeps your drivers safe on the road. With us, you can lower your insurance premiums, improve the safety of your colleagues, and protect your fleet. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and find out more about how you can benefit.

The Importance Of Safety Awareness Courses

Companies need to prioritise safety. Not only does it keep colleagues safe, but it also adds to the value of a business. Firms that invest in their people tend to have better outcomes and fewer accidents.

Safety awareness courses from us teach your colleagues about the dangers on the roads and how to avoid them. We cover every aspect of their work, from loading vehicles to obeying the highway code. Our instruction provides them with all the background knowledge, theoretical understanding and practical training that they need to do their work effectively. Nobody, in our view, should get injured on the job. With the right training, you can slash the risk to your people and your fleet dramatically.

All our safety awareness courses in Chesterfield are fully certified and HSE-compliant. Drivers learn basics, including how to manage workload, drive according to the Highway Code, conduct pre-journey checks, and what to consider when planning a journey. We also prepare your drivers for the hazards they are likely to face on the road, helping them avoid dangerous accidents.

Why Choose Our Safety Awareness Courses In Chesterfield

Take a look at some of the reasons why our clients love our safety awareness courses.

Flexible Curriculum

When it comes to safety concerns, no two businesses are the same. It doesn’t make sense, therefore, to enrol your colleagues on generic training. Ideally, you want something tailored to your business. Here at Abel Training, that’s precisely what we offer. We provide your people with custom curricula that reflect their day-to-day needs, including both practical and theoretical training.

Competitive Prices

Safety awareness training shouldn’t cost a fortune in our view. That’s why we offer highly competitive prices. We get our costs down by aggressively reducing our overheads, allowing us to pour all our resources into our frontline services. With us, you can keep your expenses under control.

More Than Just The Basics

Because we have so many years of experience and skilled instructors on our team, we’re able to go way beyond the basics. Our courses give your colleagues the advanced skills that they need to remain safe on the job, whether at your place of work or out on the road.

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