Crane Training Sheffield

When it comes to staff training, it’s essential that all businesses are investing in their staff not only to build on their skills and knowledge but also for the health and safety of the company. Crane training is certainly one of those necessary courses to take when you have multiple staff operating cranes in an often busy environment. Therefore, ABEL Training Services offers crane training, Sheffield based. However, even though our offices are in Whitby, we cover a lot of other areas nearby and across the UK. Wherever you are in the UK, we will do our best to provide you the service you need for your staff members. Some of the other areas we primarily cover are Chesterfield, Middlesborough, Scarborough, Grimsby, and Sheffield.

Operating cranes and forklifts that transport heavy materials back and forth can’t simply be done with no experience or awareness of safety. That’s why we offer some of the best training given by instructors who are approved by the Independent Training Standards Scheme And Register. It is very important that the courses taken are easy to understand by anyone in your workforce and that there’s very little risk of anyone failing to pass it and receive the certificate. So to make the courses engaging, we’ve made sure that our instructors make the course interactive. Sitting down for hours on end and being talked at is only productive for so long, and then boredom sets in. We’ve made sure our courses are top-quality, and that allows every staff member taking part to enjoy the course regardless of its length.

We offer different packages, and we pride ourselves on making courses that are tailored to the business in mind. So that’s why we offer one day to five day packages. All of our courses will come with information before booking so that you understand what they all entail and which one would be best suited for you and your staff. As well as this information, we’re available on hand when needed to explain anything in further detail to ensure you make the right choice. No one wants to waste money carelessly within business, and we make sure that doesn’t happen in this case.

Overhead cranes and forklifts are never something to operate without the right certificate and experience. If you’re currently allowing staff to operate machinery without the right qualifications, then you’re putting your staff at immediate risk. This risk and responsibility then lands on you, should something go wrong. Our courses cover a variety of equipment that is used when transporting heavy materials and we’ll be sure to go through these with you before progressing with any courses.

And with all this being said, we are here, ready to take your call when needed. You can reach us on 07792 300 251 or drop us an email on There are plenty satisfied customers, and we aim to make many more over the coming years. Don’t let health and safety go ignored in your workplace. Give us a call today!